Training and Qualification

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Our Vision :

To be the best in providing qualification and training of senior and middle leaders on a global level.


We seek to provide a strong training base to provide training and consulting services that meet all strategic requirements for global markets in an environment that is based on knowledge and that is through the most skilled professional trainers in the world. So we set goals in order to reach the highest levels of quality, creativity and development excellence to our clients and participants.


We believe that quality comes first and we are fully committed to providing our customers with high quality services and the level of outstanding service worldwide.

Objectives :

1. To contribute to the preparation of a defined generation able to promote development.

2. To cooperation with international and regional institutions and local communities in the field of training.

3. To contribute to the dissemination of the culture of training and investment in human resources.

4. To support and sponsor programs of self-development through the promotion of the concept of practical training.

5. The continued development of training programs and holding qualitative seminars and conferences.

6. Focus on professional certification and training programs qualifying them.

7. Care to integrate between education and training.

8. To support and encourage research and scientific studies related to training .

9. Activating the role of consultancy training and evaluation before and after the training program.


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• Consulting service

• Conferences and events service

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