General Manager Letter

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ALITQAN ALMUTAMAYEZ (L.L.C) is a leading company in the field of general trade and provision of comprehensive service for international products and brands; where our company is keen to provide the finest types of goods and products needed by our customers; and the sincere transaction is the first foundations of business in this company.

The company is considered a competitor in the labor market through its consolidation of a diverse and complex business base for several countries; we work on securing orders in the quantities required, as we are keen to meet all the orders on time.

From our belief that the diversification of business activities of the company is very important to constantly improve and to assume outstanding universal status of, the company began in record time a regional player in the fields of business in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and we are committed to achieving the vision of the company, thanks to hard work, determination and strong-will, great confidence and sincerity.


The company continued to grow steadily starting from the vision and principles that form its essence; it includes under its umbrella a number of important sections operating in different sectors, which gabe the company a lot of flexibility and versatility that essentially led to the enjoyment of an important place in the forefront of the contenders in the local and global markets, while maintaining to keep up with ongoing developments occurring in the business sector globally.

The company invests capital in the commercial field and contribute to the development of the economy and achieve profitability of investment in the field of commercial agencies and service by performing business of the commercial agencies from the companies, organizations and global institutions, import and export of goods and intermediate goods, production machinery and equipment, spare tools, raw materials and production requirements in the fields of trade, industry and agricultural, and that is after obtaining the approvals of the relevant authorities and the entry of bids, pledges and technical participation in productive, economic and services projects; where our company has a dedicated staff, lawyers and engineers in all disciplines and updated qualified staff in the field of import and export, transportation, and customs; the unique investments undertaken by the company within the highest international standards in terms of technical systems followed are only clear proof of its commitment to superior performance and provision of superior service. Our company maintains large commercial database which enables us to provide goods and raw materials processed quickly and at highly competitive prices for the benefit of our customers.

The success of our company lies in the approach taken in its business which incorporates the ability to change with inherent values like integrity, outstanding service and social responsibility that define the essence of the policy of our business, and this is associated with decentralization which the company believes in, which gave the company’s department managers a high degree of self-decision and sufficient authority to do business, thus granting the high flexibility for the movement of the company, and presented to our staff a well-defined business culture and high sense of responsibility. This principle formed a major focus and a direct cause of our impressive growth which we have achieved in record time.

We still aim to explore new markets while maintaining and developing our existing markets; we are still able to offer flourishing business to our customers, due to our extensive network of agents all over the world, which makes it possible for us to provide the best products with acceptable prices to all parties. From all the foregoing, the witnessed expansion of our business and our branches is a natural result of the satisfaction of our existing customers who deal with us. Finally ... in the name of the ALITQAN ALMUTAMAYEZ (L.L.C) we welcome you and we hope that together successful business for all of us for further and continuous progress.