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ALITQAN ALMUTAMAYEZ (L.L.C) is a leading company in the field of general trade and provision of comprehensive service for international products and brands; where our company is keen to provide the finest types of goods and products needed by our customers; and the sincere transaction is the first foundations of business in this company.

The company is considered a competitor in the labor market through its consolidation of a diverse and complex business base for several countries; we work on securing orders in the quantities required, as we are keen to meet all the orders on time. From our belief that the diversification of business activities of the company is very important to constantly improve and to assume outstanding universal status of, the company began in record time a regional player in the fields of business in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and we are committed to achieving the vision of the company, thanks to hard work, determination and strong-will, great confidence and sincerity.



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We provide client sources for guaranteed goods with competitive prices directly from the factory or from known market in addition to checking the description of the goods and the quality and any notes on the client's request of the goods.

We ship the goods with the provision of full utility bills to the customer so that it imports easily without obstacles; after the approval of the prices the freight amount is transferred with the shipping to the company’s account and we buy the goods and send it to the client's country according to the request, either by air, land or sea.



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service1General Trade

Provides you with experience and knowledge the best choices from different countries of the world with the required qualities whatever its uniqueness and complexity. we offer you the best successful commercial experiences in the industrial, mineral, agricultural and animal businesses.

service1Import and Export

There is no limit to the types of materials that we Export and Import; but the most successful articles that we focus on marketing in the field of exports are raw materials in all areas.

service1Shipping and Clearance

Our company offers you one of its activities as one of our specialties, which a lot of customers depends upon and we provide to you navigational consulting for the international and local shipping operations with the best economic method that saves you time and money.

service1Training and Qualification

We seek to provide a strong training base to provide training and consulting services that meet all strategic requirements for global markets in an environment that is based on knowledge and that is through the most skilled professional trainers in the world.


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